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At New England Express

Our drivers are fully aware of the often critical and confidential nature of medical/non-medical deliveries.  New England Express employs a three step process to ensure the highest quality courier before they enter your facility.

Step 1 includes extensive background checks, pre-employment and random drug screening policies.

Step 2 provides each driver with the proper training program, which includes:

- Annual Red-Cross training on blood-borne pathogens

- OSHA compliant on blood-borne pathogens (sec.1910.1030)

- HIPAA compliant

- Dry Ice handling

- Drivers read and sign a copy of New England Express' Exposure Control Plan

Step 3 provides our field techs with on the job training by a seasoned courier. They also receive a professional uniform and courier technology.

When this 3 step process is complete, our couriers are fully qualified and ready to service your facility.​